3 Identifiable Characteristics Of A Valuable Business Coach

For the same reason you wouldn’t accept a ride in a car with a toddler behind the wheel, you shouldn’t simply hire just anyone as your business coach. While the toddler may steer straight for a while, the outcome is likely predetermined, and it isn’t good.

There are many coaches who are highly effective strategists and possess the ability to help you or your business reach your desired level of success. Unfortunately, too many overpromise and under deliver leaving you feeling uneasy about seeking out another coach.

There are some common characteristics that many of the most successful coaches demonstrate. Here are three ways to identify the difference between and effective business coach and one you should steer clear of.

They are career minded

We all know someone who bounces around from job-to-job, shifting career paths along the way. They work in several different industries, filling various roles and not staying in one place too long. A quality business coach will have earned a certain level of success in at least one industry over an extended period of time. They will have been in that industry long enough to have survived difficult times and thrived in the good times. These are the people who have the experiences to draw upon in order to guide you through the difficult times your business could face.

Their strategies are geared for success

If someone hasn’t experienced the kind of success you desire for your business, how can you expect him or her to guide you? Coaches who have experienced success in the business world can teach you exactly how to do the same. Many coaches will be certified by their organizations, which is great! But be sure your prospective business coach also has the real world experience to help you to reach your specific goal.

They make things personal

Much like a personal trainer, a business coach wants you to think and act outside of your comfort zone. Unlike a personal trainer, a business coach likely wont yell at you in order to motivate you. While group coaching provides great benefits, as a business owner you will have questions that aren’t pertinent to your employees’ performance. Your coach’s objective should be to help you identify issues and strategize about how to overcome them. That’s not always possible in a group setting. Be sure to look for a coach who will work with you one-on-one and deliver strategies specific to your individual issues.

Just like you can decide to not to take that car ride with a toddler, you have a choice when selecting a business coach. And while there are plenty of options out there, be sure you identify one that understands your issues and has the real world experience and proven record of success to guide you.

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