3 Simple Steps to Choosing A Business Coach

Choosing the right business coach is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a business owner. Not because you’ve reached the point of failure and need help getting out, but because a good business coach will help you to avoid failure in the first place and get you on a path to greater success. At some point, every business owner gets stuck or needs help finding direction. Whether your company is struggling or successful, large or small, an outside perspective can provide the guidance you are missing.

Plenty of CEOs of multi-national companies have business coaches, but so do the owners of the small local businesses in your community. Having a business coach isn’t an elitist benefit; it’s a sign that you are serious about growing your company.

It takes courage to hire a business coach. But before you do, here three steps you need to take

Do your research

Most business coaches maintain an active social media presence. While some choose Facebook or Twitter, most of them are using LinkedIn. Take the time to look over a prospective coach’s profile to see if he or she measures up to your standards. Look for testimonials. Read what others have said about him or her in reviews and social media posts. Before you make a decision, ask for the names and contact information of three clients currently working with the coach in order to hear what they have to say. Remember that a business coach is a partner, not an employee. You want to be sure you are letting the right person in on the details of your business.

Look for results

Good business coaches are motivated and inspired by the success of their clients. Their drive comes from getting results for business owners who want to succeed. While being a former senior corporate leader is not a requirement, you want to be sure your prospective business coach has an advanced level of management experience to draw from and a history of results. Choosing a business coach isn’t something you should do quickly. It takes time and consideration because it will be an important partnership for your business.

Act on your instincts

Once you’ve vetted a few prospective coaches, it’s time to make a decision. While you are not choosing a business partner, you are choosing someone to partner with to take your business to the next level. Look for a coach that puts his or her clients’ needs first. That usually means they don’t get paid until after the service is performed and will work to make sure that you feel the number on the invoice is warranted by the service provided. If you find a coach that has a list of happy clients, a track record of success, and a personality you connect with – go for it! It could be the best decision you make for your business.

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