Efficiency Versus Effectiveness: Are You Wasting Your Efforts?

In today’s culture, the pace of business seems to move at the speed of light. We talk about efficiency as though it’s the Holy Grail; it has become our ultimate goal. Many business owners and CEOs feel as though their business will have attained the ultimate success once they achieve optimal business efficiency. However, in the process, many businesses have forgotten to include effectiveness in the mix.

Understanding Business Efficiency

Business efficiency refers to the ability to produce fast, quality results with a minimum amount of resources. Organizations implement systems and processes, and they build training programs designed to improve their employees’ levels of productivity. All of this is directly related to a company’s profitability, as minimizing waste and maximizing results will inevitably improve the bottom line.

Understanding Business Effectiveness

Business effectiveness refers to the ability to produce the results you need. A business that’s highly effective regularly achieves their goals and continually gets closer to their ultimate vision. Effectiveness is directly related to a company’s potential for growth. After all, if your teams are efficient, but they aren’t getting the results you actually need, isn’t it all a waste?

Blending Efficiency and Effectiveness

The solution to the efficiency versus effectiveness discussion isn’t to choose one over the other, but to instead find the ultimate balance between the two. For many businesses, efforts to increase business efficiency can be strategically developed with the collective input and implemented by the management team. Involving employees in the process can provide fresh perspectives for managers and greater buy-in by the employees on any changes that need to occur.

Effectiveness more often comes from the top down. Business owners, CEOs, and other executive leaders need to take the time to step back and ask themselves, “Is this working?” By analyzing the company’s efforts and comparing them to the established goals, business leaders can decide whether their business is truly headed in the right direction.

Finding the Right Balance

For many business owners and CEOs, finding the right balance between business efficiency and effectiveness can be a major challenge. It takes time, experience, and often the insight of a trusted network of advisors.

As a Certified FocalPoint Business Coach, Matt Job leverages three decades of business experience to help business owners and CEOs in Michigan boost their sales, grow their businesses, and find the right balance between efficiency and effectiveness. Are you ready to start the conversation? Contact Matt Job at mjob@focalpointcoaching.com.


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