Get Serious About Productivity: The Secrets to Starting a Successful Day

Do you have enough time in your day to complete everything you’d like? It’s seems that no matter which office we walk into, someone is saying, “where did this day go?”

Learning to be efficient with your time is a skill that is learned. The most successful CEOs live by strategically developed schedules for their time management. It’s how they manage to juggle so many moving parts without letting any of the proverbial balls hit the ground.

Whether you’re a small business owner struggling with too many hats or a corporate executive responsible for large teams of employees, there are simple techniques that can prepare you for a successful and productive workday.

Eat the Frog

Referencing the famous Mark Twain quote, eating the frog means you need to tackle the most important task first – before anything else. Don’t check your email. Don’t take calls. Don’t get lost in conversation with your employees.

In the morning, we have the most focus, mental energy, and self-control. By tackling that one item and checking it off your list, you’ve already found success in your day.

Organize Your Task List

No workday should begin without a task list of everything that needs to be accomplished. Ideally the list will be created the night before (so you can identify the frog that you need to eat first thing), but it must be completed before moving forward with your day.

Just like a meeting agenda, your task list keeps you … well … on task. By understanding your priorities, you can move through your day with purpose.

Scan for Red Flags

One of the most common ways to lose our productive flow in the morning is to get sucked into our seemingly endless inboxes. Successful professionals take a designated period of time in the morning to scan for red flags and emergencies without dealing with any routine communications.

The most effective way to maximize your productivity without sacrificing your good customer service is to schedule two blocks of time each day for emails. We find that mid-day and end of day blocks work best. Each time, clear out your inbox completely; deal with every request fully and then file it away.

About the Author

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