Leveraging SWOT Analyses To Help Your Employees Evolve

Every time you are embarking on a new business adventure, the first tool you turn to is a basic analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). Regardless of whether it’s for a new business concept or an individual initiative, a SWOT analysis offers insight into how the venture will likely perform, where there are gaps in the plan, and what obstacles lay ahead.

While many professionals are familiar with the concept of a SWOT analysis and may even use it on a regular basis, most fail to see the opportunity to use the tool for their own professional growth. Here’s a look at how it translates for professional development.


In order to make the most of your skills, it’s essential to know you greatest strengths. Not only does it make it easier for you to market yourself, but it can also lead you towards more rewarding positions. Laying out your strengths on paper can help you set goals and make better decisions.

Regardless of your current career stage, your strengths will continue to evolve and change as your skills develop. Regularly checking in with your strengths before reevaluating your goals can help you stay on a productive path.


Just as important as knowing your strengths, objectively identifying your weaknesses allows you to get a more full picture of who you are and where you are headed. By understanding your weaknesses fully, you can choose to work to develop those parts of yourself, strategically compensate for those areas, or find a path that minimizes the need for those skills.


Whereas strengths and weaknesses come from within, opportunities are the external forces that impact your reality positively. For the purposes of a personal SWOT analysis, opportunities can be seen as the activities or influences that get you outside of your head or provide you with a fresh perspective. Understanding where to turn when you hit a hurdle or are struggling with any aspect of your life will help you continue to move forward with purpose as opposed to getting stuck in one place.


Another external force, threats are the challenges that stand between you and your goals. Sometimes threats can be large and uncontrollable, such as a failing economy, and other times, they can manifest in a more tangible way, such as a very capable colleague applying for the same promotion as you. It’s important to identify the threats in your life because it gives you the ability to turn those threats into valuable learning experiences.

Enhancing Your Team’s Professional Development

Offering your employees professional development opportunities not only promotes loyalty to your company, but also leaves you with a stronger, more skilled workforce. As your company continues to grow, having a constantly evolving pool of employees give you more opportunities to promote from within – saving you time and money.

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