Leveraging the 5 Rules of Entrepreneurship

As you look ahead at your professional options, does the idea of being your own boss continue to find its way into your daydreams? Many of us have an entrepreneurial spirit, but haven’t found the right way to leverage it. Before you dive into business ownership, consider these 5 rules of entrepreneurship, so you can develop a business plan that’s designed for success.

Find a Need and Fill It

Pay attention to the world that’s happening around you, and experience everything with an opportunity-driven mentality. In the back of your mind, always question whether there’s an opportunity in each circumstance – an unaddressed need that you could fill.

Find a Problem and Solve It

Everyday, we hear someone complaining about some situation that should be easier. Instead of letting those complaints drain your energy, turn them into an opportunity to offer solutions.

Leverage Unlimited Opportunities

Between the diversity in our world and consumers’ ever-changing needs, there are unlimited opportunities to make a difference for customers. Keep your mind open to new needs and problems, and constantly evolve with the people you serve.

Remain Customer-Focused

In a culture where customer-service has become replaced with automated technologies, customer-focused companies are becoming more valued. By creating and maintaining a foundation of satisfied customers, you will spend less on marketing and be able to depend on a steady stream of referrals.

Bootstrap Your Way to Success

After you find a business idea you can be passionate about, consider the ways you can use your time and energy to make it grow, instead of focusing on putting money into it. Many of the most successful entrepreneurs in our culture started with nothing but a great idea and the drive to succeed.

Becoming an entrepreneur takes planning and patience. Many have traveled the road before you; so before you dive in head first, learn from the experience of others. As a FocalPoint Certified Business Coach, I specialize in helping entrepreneurs and business owners map a path to success. Let's start the conversation with a complimentary 30-minute business consultation.

About the Author

Following three decades of experience growing businesses and leading sales teams, Matt Job brings his established expertise to his certified business coaching practice. Supported by his proven track record, Matt thrives on offering results-driven Business Coaching, Organizational Training, and Team Development programs for organizations of all sizes.

By defining goals and developing strategies that are consistent with an organization’s values, Matt motivates clients to achieve real, measurable results. From one-on-one business coaching to large-scale corporate trainings, Matt is ready to tailor a program specifically for your business’s unique needs.


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