Understanding the 3 Keys to a Successful Business

As entrepreneurs look ahead at their next business adventure, there is a world of opportunity in front of them. In the digital age where businesses can leverage technology to connect globally, the options are truly endless. So how do you choose a path that will lead you to success?

In analyzing your options for starting your own business, there are three key elements to consider.


Entrepreneurs put their heart and soul into establishing their businesses, so it must be rooted in passion. Whether it’s a product or a service, start by uncovering something you care about, believe in, and want others to experience. If you want your customers to be excited about your product or service, you must first find that excitement within yourself.


In choosing the right business endeavor for you, you not only have to choose something you have passion for, but also something that you have the potential to be the best at. If your service or product is locally based, this is an easier task than if you are going global; either way, find something that fits perfectly with your natural skills and inclinations. Remember, you don’t have to be the best yet; you will grow into your expertise as you become established and continue to learn.


You can have all the passion and potential in the world, but if your business isn’t set up for profitability, you simply can’t be successful. As you are developing your concept, test your basic assumptions with some fast and free market research. Find individuals who would be in your target customer demographic, and ask them questions. Would they be interested in a product like the one you are considering? How much would they pay for a specialized service like the one you may offer? Finding real answers to questions such as these can set you up for major profits or protect you from painful failure.

Leverage Expert Business Guidance

Becoming a business owner can be an incredibly rewarding experience, especially when your business concept is developed properly from the start. As your opportunity exploration becomes a business idea, you should build a base of advisors who can help lead the way to success.

From customized business solutions to strategic planning, FocalPoint Certified Business Coach Matt Job leverages three decades of business experience to help entrepreneurs find business success. Are you ready to start the conversation? Contact me for a free business consultation.


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