Unlocking the Secrets of Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

It’s a constant discussion in the business world: how do I attract and retain top talent? As one of the biggest challenges facing business owners and CEOs, developing and maintaining a high performing workforce is key to a business’s overall success and productivity. However, the process of creating a company that attracts the best candidates doesn’t have to be an abstract mystery.

Here are the 5 most important areas to consider when adjusting your strategic staffing plan.


Especially among the Millennial Generation, employees of today need more than a paycheck; they want to believe that what they do matters. To attract these employees, businesses must first clearly define their vision, and then implement a strategic plan, so that every role helps to move the company towards that purpose.


After establishing the company purpose, each team member must know how his or her role plays into the direction of the company. The company leadership should personify the values and goals of the company, and managers should regularly articulate how those values are relevant to the everyday work. Equally as important, recognition for great work should be a regular part of the company culture.

Company Culture

More than just an annual company picnic, today’s employees are looking for a cultural fit even more than a high paycheck. Employees want to be engaged, and they want to fit in. CEOs, business owners, and top executives who put thought into the culture of their company are more likely to attract a base of employees who are loyal and productive.

Room for Growth

Highly qualified job applicants need to be able to see how they can grow with the company. If the advancement opportunities are not clearly visible, which is often the case for smaller companies, hiring managers should be encouraged to talk with candidates about the current job opening and how the role will develop and change over time.

Tools and Tech

Especially as the Millennial Generation takes the workforce by storm, the use of cutting edge (or at least modern) tools and technologies is becoming increasingly more valued by potential employees. Generally speaking, Gen Xers and Millennials are up-to-date with the latest trends. They are more connected than any other generation in the workplace. Therefore, companies that appear to be behind the times will not attract those who want to be at the forefront. If your company hasn’t found its way to that level yet, discuss initiatives to bring the company into a new tech-savvy mentality during the interview process. Connect their role with the company to the changes you want to make.

Hiring and maintaining an effective team of top-producing employees is a challenge faced by every business owner in every industry. By developing a strategic staffing plan, businesses can create an actionable list of goals designed to connect them with the best candidates currently browsing the job market. Isn’t it time your company stood out? Coach Matt Job can help.

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